There are good days

and then there are bad. 

Leaving Cassis was difficult to say the least – I mean how does a girl leave a place she’d only ever believed existed in her dreams. But I persevered and moved forward.


I found myself in the historic city of Montpellier – a beautiful city I might add, but it was quite the strangest situation I’d ever been in. Keep reading for this story:

I had booked my train tickets and hostel for Montpellier online – the latter through Mind my surprise when I show up to the address given to me, only to discover no signage or any indication of a hotel/hostel/B&B (RED FLAG #1). At this point, I’m very confused and unsure on how to proceed so I decided to ask the nice lady that worked at the salon next door for some help with the little French I knew. She took me back to the same location I had stood in and told me to ring the bell for one of the apartments. Fortunately or unfortunately (i’m not sure at this point), the hostel owner(?) found me and immediately ushered me into the building, asking me who that lady was and what she knew about the hostel (RED FLAG #2). Once inside the building, I had to climb 4 floors to get to the apartment as he opened the door showing me into his living room scattered with several beds. He then proceeds to “check me in” and left me to settle into a bunk bed in his bedroom hosting an en-suite bathroom (the only bathroom) using a large sheet as a door (RED FLAG #3). Plus, there were no lockers or anything of that sort to store my luggage/valuables (RED FLAG #4).

Now, understand, I signed up to stay at a hostel. Not anybody’s house, definitely not someone’s couch, and definitely not alone.

I was terrified.

In my mind, I was thinking “alright, this is it, this is how I’m going to die.” Thankfully, I was not alone for long. After hours of debating if I should leave my things and go out to enjoy Montpellier, I finally left and met an amazing girl who I ended up being great friends with. Nadia was also lost trying to find the “hostel” and after some help, we ended up becoming roomies. I was far more comfortable with my situation after that but it was still nerve-wracking to leave my things without guaranteed security.

To this day, it is still the shadiest place I’ve ever spent the night in but I am so glad that I made a great friend that I care for dearly and I got to experience some part of the city with her.

but…Lesson Learnt!

Goodness knows now that I will never just book a place just for their low prices after this experience. I never want to go through my thought process from that day again. I couldn’t tell you how excited I was when I packed up and left for Barcelona the very next morning.

Blessed to be alive and ready to tell you all about my Spanish summer nights,



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