I dreamed of the Provence

I finally made it and I am obsessed!

Words would never be sufficient for me to express how wonderful, how beautiful and how entirely life-changing the south of France has been for me. It was the breath of fresh air I needed after spending so many weeks of my life in busy cities. I finally got to slow down and smell the lavender! If I had to break down my days here, it would probably just include drinking lots of rosè, eating lots of apricots and cheese, and going on long walks by the water. Truly the stuff of legends. It was the best week of my life and it’ll be my happy place for a little while.

To be perfectly honest, this part of my trip didn’t involve a ton of sight-seeing. While I did do some, a larger part of this adventure involved more exploring and experiencing the lifestyle as well as the incredible culinary creations the Provence offered. I also made some incredible friends while I was there and had an amazing experience just being with other solo travellers.

But anyway, I know you want to hear about what actually transpired in the Provence so here’s a breakdown of everything I saw and did while in Avignon: Continue reading