When the sun sets on Amsterdam…

Hey everyone,

I apologize about my absence; my access to wi-fi has been spotty to say the least and to be completely honest, I’ve been having way too much fun! Amsterdam was an absolute delight. I think I could live there forever; the city vibes and the people there makes me want to pack everything I own and move. But for now, I think I shall just enjoy the rest of my trip.

There’s so much I want to share but that’ll take far too long to read so I’ll do my best to share the highlights of my trip through the beautiful Dutch city. On the tail end of my trip, I made an effort to visit every inch of Amsterdam possible including the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam-Noord and of course, Vondelpark. To be perfectly candid, I was severely underwhelmed by the Rijksmuseum – yes, the museum’s collection is beautiful but it was so much like every other museum I’d been to. I personally think the best part of that museum is its architecture. The museum is housed in one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve seen in my life. The stained glass alone is an artwork all on its own. And we both know, any trip to Amsterdam would not be complete without a designated trip to Vondelpark. First of all, it’s humongous. It’s the Dutch equal of New York’s Central Park but I’d have to say this one would be a little more lively. Secondly, its’s beautiful. The landscaping and the number of different garden pockets in each part of the park surprised me over and over again. It felt like the park never ended!

But the true highlights of my trip to Amsterdam have been the friends I’ve made. I had met so many incredible people in the 4 days I was there and it made that trip unforgettable. I know, for sure, that some of the people I met there will remain friends I’ll keep for a long long time despite only having known them a few hours or days. I’ve mentioned this before and I will mention it again; there’s a feeling of kinship between travellers that most people don’t experience or even notice when they are traveling in a group. You don’t try to meet others because you have each other and to some, that is enough. But when you travel alone – random people are all you have and it’s the best thing in the world to open yourself up to new experiences.

Before I left for my trip, a good friend asked me what I wanted. I said I wanted clarity. I wanted to figure out what I wanted out of life, I wanted to figure out where my place was in this world and I wanted to get to know who I am again. Maybe this trip will help because I’ve had the opportunity to learn so much about myself and just the world in general that I truly feel like I could understand myself better. It may only have been a few days in Amsterdam but the beginning has been blissful!

It hurts me to leave Amsterdam but I want to believe that the best is yet to come. Bring on the rest of this trip!

Your little Dutch Lady (inside joke for my Malaysian fam),



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